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Excel Training

You don’t have to be a technology wizard to help your company take a major first step into the advanced computer age. Today, any student who leaves business school without at least basic spreadsheet skills is truly at a disadvantage. Much as earlier generations had to be adept at using a slide rule or calculator, today’s manager needs to be proficient in the use of a spreadsheet. No longer can the manager count on having a large staff of “number crunchers” at her disposal. For example, in less than an hour, even a low-tech Certified Chartered Accountant can create an automated invoice and billing system to replace the slow and error-prone paper-based methods many of their small business clients use. Not only can such a system practically eliminate mistakes and speed bookkeeping and accounting tasks, but it also takes less than an hour of training to teach staff how to use it. Your company is contemplating applying for a loan and the management team wants to know how the loan will affect cash flow. The task may sound easy until you learn that two critical facts are not yet known: the interest rate and the term of the loan. Fortunately, Microsoft Excel contains several “what-if” functions that can handle such calculations easily. All you need is a computer loaded with Microsoft Office Excel and we will equip you with some rudimentary knowledge and power of Microsoft Excel to solve simple accounting problems to more complex applications such as financial modeling, Investment Appraisals, Valuation and Rates of Return, to name a few.


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